The laboratory is constructed as per revised Schedule L-1 with dedicated section for chemical analysis, Instrumentals analysis, elemental analysis , Microbiological analysis with HVAC classified area and good work enviroment . All the sections are provided with all the necessary utility lines and individual Air, Handling Systems (HVAC) designed for operational convenience & also to maintain  the desired sterile conditions.


  • Safety of work environment/ workplace is a big issue for every organization, In our facility we care for everyone to be safe.
  • We tried to make our workplace safe by adding some Safety like Emergency Exits, Fire extinguishers etc., safety shower , eye shower, PPE , first aid box in our laboratory.


  • The nature of construction are made RCC structure with asbestos sheet roof.,
  • All section wise partition are made by clean room panel with puff panel roof and filtered air provided in all section.
  • Microbiology section are constructed with clean room panel with epoxy flooring
  • 3 HVAC are provided for in micro section with Laminar Air Class A, Class B, C and Air class D